Together for Healthy Future 2.0


On Wednesday, May 25, 2016, the Combined Board of Directors of Harper Hospital District #5 and Anthony Medical Center met in the Education Center at Anthony Medical Center to listen the second set of architectural presentations by two firms being considered for the Harper County Healthcare Project. On Thursday, May 26, 2016, the Combined Board of Directors held their monthly open meeting in the Chaparral High School Auditorium. They evaluated all four architectural presentations and the field was narrowed down to two firms. References will be checked and site visits scheduled to see hospitals designed by the two firms. The final decision will then be made at a Special Board Meeting.

Choosing an Architectural Firm, this early in the process, is necessary so they can determine a cost estimate for the project including evaluating potential sites. The cost estimate is also needed to perform the financial analysis. The Architect Team will stop their work until the State of Kansas, Center for Medicare Services and District#5 approvals are completed. The fees for this portion of the Architects’ work are fully funded by a grant from an outside private Foundation. There is no cost to the Community or to the either Hospital.

Also, during their May 26th monthly Combined Board Meeting, they approved a proposal by BKD, CPAs, and Advisors to perform a Financial Forecast for the project. BKD is the auditing firm used by both Hospitals and has thorough knowledge of their financial information and history. The forecast is necessary to determine the financial feasibility of the project and is needed to determine the funding necessary. This financial forecast is also required by the U. S. Department of Agriculture for any funding they might provide. The USDA gives priority to projects that are intergovernmental. We qualify due to joining together District #5 and District #6. The fees for the forecast are also fully funded by an outside private Foundation. There is no cost to the Community or either Hospital.

We encourage the Community to attend our future monthly Combined Board of Directors’ meetings held on the last Thursday of each month. We are available to attend any Community group meetings to explain the project. You can also stop by my office any time at either Harper or Anthony Hospital.

AnthonyTogether for Healthy Future 2.0