Together for a Healthy Future 3.0


On Thursday, May 26, 2016, the Combined Board Members from Harper Hospital District #5 and Anthony Medical Center met at Chaparral High School for their monthly meeting. During the meeting, the Board narrowed the field of Architectural Firms from four down to two. They are now in the process of checking their references and carefully evaluating their fee schedules. After the results are collected, they hope to choose the firm who best meets the criteria for the job later on this week.

We are working with various partners to help improve our future healthcare system here in Harper County. A Group from the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Systems Innovation will be working with our Hospitals and Architects in designing the new Family Practice and Specialty Clinics. They are under the direction of Dr.William Paiva who is the Executive Director of the Center. Their overall purpose is to improve Rural Health through research in the use of patient care delivery systems and innovations in medical information technology.

The OSU Group will be focused on helping improve our doctors’ clinic work flow, patient mental health, and wellness activities. They have worked with 50 clinics in researching efficient patient flows. They apply innovative solutions to eliminate barriers in healthcare delivery. They use a care model for the management of rural mental healthcare using the best parts of several national models. Mobile health technology is used to better manage cardiovascular and diabetic patients as well as others. Over the last 16 years, their data base has grown to 50 million patients which make it the largest in the Country. This includes clinical, laboratory, pharmacy, billing, admissions, and discharge information. Their projects include, for example, a step by step process for diagnosing, staging, and monitoring a diabetic patient’s retinopathy using the electronic medical record lab data. This reduces the need for a retinal eye exam. They have also developed a way to measure patient risks for readmission to the hospital based on their demographic, clinical, and discharge data.

The Group’s work with us is fully endowed and there is no cost to the Community and/or Hospitals.

If you would like to know more about the Harper County Healthcare Project or know of a community group/club that I could speak at, please let me know. My door is always open at either Harper Hospital or Anthony Medical Center so feel free to stop by. My telephone number is 863-633-9222.

AnthonyTogether for a Healthy Future 3.0