Total Woman’s Care: From Mommy to Mammograms


Time is one of those fleeting things that we cannot place a value on, yet it is a measurement of the tasks getting through our days. “It takes too long,” and “I don’t have the time for that” enter our daily discussions while we prioritize our “to do” lists. As women, we often journey through these items focusing on our families instead of ourselves, ignoring those events we have placed on the back burner until that particular kettle whistles on the stove.

Our health is one of those priorities we tend to move to a shelf for another day, not wanting to spend time on ourselves when we have children, parents and our jobs that require our concentration. Helping women find time to focus on their health is Anthony Medical Center’s (AMC) goal. By making comprehensive women’s services available close to home, women are finding the time to do just that – focus on their health and still take care of the ones they love.

First time mom, Jenny Moore, remembers the excitement of learning she was pregnant, but also recalls trying to find an OB/GYN that she could trust close to home. “When you are working full-time, maintaining the house, and trying to keep up with doctor visits, taking care of your health is challenging,” Moore said. When Jenny heard Dr. Robbins, OB/GYN would be coming to Anthony Medical Center’s Outpatient Specialty Clinic, she was thrilled. “I was ecstatic that such a great OB/GYN was available to see me at AMC. Dr. Robbins made me feel like I had known her for years. I was comfortable enough to ask her any question and she showed she cared,” Moore said.

Katie Passet, mother of three, agrees with Jenny’s assessment that the women’s health services at Anthony Medical Center help women find time for their own health, but also sees an additional benefit of finding more time to care for her children’s needs. “I am able to get my healthcare needs met without traveling great distances and that in turn has given me more time to address my children’s healthcare needs,” Passet said.

Passet is one of a growing number of young moms that are choosing to take her children to see the family practitioners at the Anthony Primary Care Clinic. “I am able to take my child to the practitioner that I know and trust, drive them to afternoon practices and still work my full time job without taking a whole day off to do so,” Passet said.

Often times women find they have a greater need for healthcare and less time for themselves after their children grow up and leave home. Since her children began transitioning away from home a few years ago, Anthony resident, Karen Cather is finding that her life has become filled with additional responsibilities. This has caused her to rely more on Anthony Medical Center to help manage her healthcare. “I know that I have to take time out for my health and AMC helps me to find that time by organizing my appointments, saving me drive time to Wichita, and being flexible enough to work around my schedule,” Cather said. Karen is at a point in her life where she has the need for many of the women’s services at AMC, including one of the services that women seem to fear most – mammograms. “Mammograms can be intimidating the first time you have one and having to drive an hour thinking about it, doesn’t help your frame of mind. It truly is a blessing to have a way to get mammograms here in Anthony,” said Cather.

Anthony Medical Center is committed to helping women find time for their health by providing services for women of all ages, from pregnancy, to your child’s first steps, to mammograms. We are here for you. For more information on the comprehensive women’s services offered at AMC, contact the Anthony Primary Care Clinic at (620)-842-5144 or the Outpatient Specialty Clinic at (620)-842-5111.

AnthonyTotal Woman’s Care: From Mommy to Mammograms