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Healthcare Conference Two-Sided Flyer

On September 13, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. at Chaparral High School the Hospital Combined Board will be hosting the first ever Healthcare Conference. This conference is being held to help inform the public on rural healthcare, Anthony Medical Center and Harper Hospital District #5 consolidation, innovative ideas being implemented in rural Kansas, and healthcare in Harper County. The conference will also feature roundtable discussion to vision a Healthy Harper County led by Melissa Hungerford, Kansas Hospital Association. The purpose of the roundtable will be to gather citizens’ ideas. A Healthy Community is more than health care delivery. It encompasses business, industry, education, government, recreation, etc. The roundtable discussions will also identify challenges or barriers to achieving this vision. The combined board hopes to hear from all walks of life in our mission to create a Healthy Community – the more diverse each table and discussion, the better. The ideas can be researched, discussed, and potentially implemented in the future.

The first part of the conference will be listing key facts and figures and answering questions generated from the fair survey about the consolidation, led by Martha Hadsall and Jim Chromik. Next, the board has invited Benjamin Anderson, the C.E.O from Kearny County Hospital, to speak about physician recruitment. Anderson is revolutionizing the process of recruiting physicians to small communities by offering missionary work options. Having taken part in many overseas missions to assist with local healthcare, Anderson understands the desire physicians have to help the less fortunate. Modern Healthcare Magazine named him one of healthcare’s “Up and Comers.” He will be speaking to the group about innovations that could possibly help Harper County with their consolidation efforts, and ways that may help recruit physicians. In addition to physician recruitment, Anderson will be speaking about a new healthcare delivery system that is making the transition from an internal focus on traditional process improvement to patient-centered outcomes by successfully soliciting the input of 80% of the households in its culturally diverse county.

The combined board encourages everyone with any interest in the future healthcare of Harper County to attend. The board will also be taking suggestions from the public on potential names for the new entity, asking for petition volunteers, and soliciting ideas for repurposing the existing buildings. The consolidation of the hospitals is a future platform for what healthcare in Harper County looks like. The board looks forward to hearing your thoughts on the issues and solutions, which can help the entire county. See you there!

For questions or more information on the conference, please contact Shea Lounsbury at 620-842-5111 or

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