AMC Telemedicine Open House a Success


Anthony Medical Center (AMC) held an open house Thursday, June 18 to introduce the public to telemedicine. Rebecca Carter, APRN and Hospitalist Dr. Scarbrough demonstrated the technology. AMC acquired telemedicine services through Eagle Hospital Physicians in January 2015 to enhance patient care in the hospital, emergency room, and the Anthony Primary Care Clinic.

Telemedicine is a remote way to diagnose and treat patients by means of telecommunications technology. At AMC practitioners are using telemedicine on a daily basis both in the emergency room and in the hospital. “We are able to consult with internal medicine physicians that are trained in complex and complicated issues that we experience at AMC on a daily basis,” said Rebecca Carter, APRN. “If need be, the consulting internal medicine physician can beam on through our mobile communications device that allows the physician to check the heart and lungs of a patient as well as communicate and have visual of them,” said Carter. Carter went on to discuss that telemedicine is eliminating the need for transfer to a larger hospital and keeping patients at AMC where they are closer to their home and family.

The public witnessed a demonstration of how the communications device would be used in a hospital situation. “The simplicity of the device and the connection to the patient was interesting to witness, it was amazing to see how medicine is evolving,” said Lee Cox. Expanding telemedicine at AMC provides patients with an additional resource that compliments the delivery of healthcare locally. AMC will continue to utilize telemedicine device and plan on expanding its usage in the future.

AnthonyAMC Telemedicine Open House a Success