AMC Prepares for Worst Case Scenarios


Whether you’re about to have a check-up or simply walking through the doors at Anthony Medical Center (AMC), patients are now being asked screening questions at the entrances of all doors. “This is just one of the extra precautions we are taking,” said Tammie Stroud, Nursing Manager. “AMC’s goal is to first and foremost protect our staff, patients, and the public and still provide outstanding care.”

“With all the criticisms that have been levied against the Texas ER that initially incorrectly diagnosed Thomas Duncan, it is important to note that Ebola symptoms can be initially mistaken for influenza and other gastrointestinal ailments,” said AMC Medical Director, Sid Stranathan, D.O.

Following the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) protocols, AMC has been running drills and training staff on an action plan. AMC has always had a protocol for potential disasters and pandemics. However, with the recent known diagnosis of patients with Ebola in the United States, AMC is tweaking and perfecting staff’s training and protocols in case of a potential Ebola patient. “We have developed a special team of volunteer nurses and providers to work directly with infectious patients, should they be needed,” said Stroud.

“While we hope to never use these protocols, it is imperative they are in place. Anthony Medical Center is determined to be prepared and keep the public and staff safe and informed. This is our main priority,” said Shea Lounsbury, AMC Marketing Director.

AnthonyAMC Prepares for Worst Case Scenarios