AMC Welcomes Advanced Technologies


Over the past several months, Anthony Medical Center has been upgrading their radiology department with advanced GE technology. Previously, the radiology department had been using computed radiography, which meant having to process photo-stimulable phosphor plates through a digital reader to obtain images. With the newly acquired DR (digital radiography) system the department no longer has to process the plates. The image is instantly obtained sharper and clearer than it ever has been in the past.

The full DR system upgrade includes GE’s Proteus XR/a room and an Optima 220 portable x-ray, as well as the LOGIC S8 ultrasound. The Proteus XR/a is a full-featured fixed radiography system designed to address almost any clinical need. “It is an extremely versatile system that will be used throughout the hospital.  We will be able to achieve clear, detailed images on many body types from infants to large adults, and the advanced technology will help physicians provide confident diagnoses and develop targeted treatment plans,” says Stacy Kristek, Radiology Department Manager. The new Optima 220 portable X-ray machine will work simply and quickly in an emergency situation and can easily roll up to a patient’s bedside.

The LOGIC S8 ultrasound is a compact, portable lightweight device capable of providing high quality 2D and 3D/4D color images, giving doctors the ability to make important diagnoses and treatment decisions for patients. It may also help reduce the need for additional tests, including a more expensive CT or MRI scan.

As the areas leading provider of healthcare, having the most advanced radiology department is another way Anthony Medical Center is delivering on its commitment to ensure exceptional patient outcomes through a patient-centered approach. “The radiology department equipment upgrades provides our practitioners with the advanced technology to have quick access to brilliant images. For our practitioners, having that advantage is central to making an accurate diagnosis and improving patient outcomes,” said Bryant Anderson, CEO. This new update is clearly helping Anthony Medical Center respond to the increasing demand for smart and efficient health care.

AnthonyAMC Welcomes Advanced Technologies